Other Books

Published under the names of Yvonne Curry * and Jane Martin

cover - The Treleon
                  EmeraldsThe Treleon Emeralds
by Yvonne J Curry*
Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., 1962

Cover ?(“The One We Don’t Mention…” 1964)

cover - For Sale, A
                  Haunted HouseFor Sale, a Haunted House
by Yvonne Curry *
Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., 1966

cover - Mairi's
                  WeddingMairi’s Wedding
by Jane Martin
Robert Hale & Company, 1975

cover - The HarbingerThe Harbinger
by Jane Martin
Robert Hale & Company, 1977

cover - Raven's DykeRaven’s Dyke
by Jane Martin
William Collins & Co. Ltd., 1978

*(Nobody – ever! – calls me “Yvonne”…)



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