Second in the Cornish Series

Marriage of
                  Inconvenience - Cover pictureCheryl loved Oliver, Oliver loved Cheryl.
Jonathan loved Cheryl too, and Joanna loved Oliver.

Cheryl's parents distrusted Oliver, and wanted her to marry Jonathan, Oliver's whole family appeared to despise Cheryl and would have preferred him to marry Joanna.
Maeve wanted Cheryl's job, and Oliver resisted the idea of a job at all, unless it was something of which everyone else disapproved.

Four-year-old Candy only wanted to be a bridesmaid - anybody's bridesmaid. The gypsy at the fair said You choose - oh, and watch your step as you do it!

Lightheartedly as it all began, with so many different agendas, the sun wouldn't shine on everyone.
Nor did it.


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