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Looking For Henry

Sixth in theCornish chronicle of the Nankervis Family
Susan has grown up with the knowledge that her natural father died before she was born, and that Jerry Nankervis adopted her on his marriage to her mother. She has never asked questions, has wanted to be part of the Nankervis family so much that she has never felt the need. But stepbrother Oliver and his wife have gone to live in Cornwall, half-sister Debbie has married a Cornishman, Jerry's marriage to her mother has foundered and he shows all the signs of returning to his first wife, Helen. Stranded in Embridge with her own marriage in seriously shoal water and her mother steadfastly unsympathetic, Susan feels desperate and rejected. A chance meeting at Debbie's wedding has put an idea into her head, on an impulse she acts upon it: she will trace her father, Henry, and in learning about him she maybe can find herself ... but where the quest will lead her is not where she expected, and the search itself has such far-reaching effects that it seems likely to make things infinitely worse. ....



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