cover - Looking For Henry

Full Circle

Tenth in the Nankervis Family chronical

You should never pick up hitchhikers, her father had told her, but the storm was so wild, the night was so dark, the hour was so late, that Keri stopped by the side of the empty dual carriageway and took on board a whole load of worry, grief and trouble. The Easter break in Cornwall with her friend Gillian, that should have been so relaxing and ordinary, changed from that moment, and her quiet, rather dull life was to glow with colour and ring with music and laughter over the next few days, in spite of disturbing undertones - for things were not at all as they seemed.

And after all the excitement, there came the reckoning, and Keri had to come to terms with a bitter lesson; always listen to your Dad, because he’s generally right...

This is a book about relationships, about understanding, and about knowing your own strengths as well as other people’s weaknesses, and more than that, about courage.



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