A second Dorset mystery

A dream of Dragons -
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When the new chairman of the Embridge Museum Committee decides that its image desperately needs updating he calls in the Archaeology & Ancient History department of the local university to implement a five-year programme of archaeological surveys of local landmarks, to take place during the summer vacations. The first of these is very nearly also the last...

The target is an Iron Age hill fort situated on land that is part of a run-down farm called Burnthouse - an evocative name on its own, so says Professor Jake Holliwell. Conveniently adjacent to this is a Bronze Age barrow surrounded by age-old legends of a dragon with scales of beaten gold.. Add to this an old folk tale of an uprising among the local tribesmen, the Durotriges and the tesserae and bits of tile that keep turning up in the flowerbeds at the farmhouse itself, and you have an intriguing little problem - and now, of course, an archaeological team to solve it.

Only it isnít quite that simple, as Site Director Dr Richard Bell very soon finds out. There is a lot more to the old stories than he would ever have dreamed... or would he? And somebody obviously wishes for the mystery, whatever it is, to remain just that and their efforts to achieve this go a great deal further than protesting in the village pub. It isnít very long before somebody will get hurt...

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