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A Different View

Eighth in the Cornish chronicle of the Nankervis Family

Dotís social position in the seaside town of Embridge defines her lifetimeís achievement, so that when her openly despised son-in-law becomes a celebrity overnight, making her a laughing stock among those she has always considered her friends, her humiliation and chagrin are complete. Shrewd enough to realise that she canít expect much help from her alienated daughters, her ex-husband, or her stepson, she prepares to face it out alone, and is therefore very much shaken when she finds that she isnít alone at all and that help will come from some very unexpected places

Further west, the granddaughter of Dotís late first husband - best-selling novelist Elizabeth Ballantyne, whom due to a family feud Dot hasnít seen since she was two - is trying to dump her arrogant, conceited boyfriend, Paul, who is proving difficult to dislodge, and the already complicated Nankervis family tree is due for a high wind through its branches when their interests, and those of the family in general, converge at a family christening in Cornwall.

A DIFFERENT VIEW is the last in the Nankervis family chronicle, at least for the moment*.  But for anyone who wonders exactly what it is that has been going on in and around Embridge, lightly touched on in this book, watch out for THINGS THAT GO BUMP in the NIGHT, due to appear at Christmas 2010

*two years on, this turns out to be untrue - see TIME TO SAY GOODBYE, published in 2012 - and probably at least one more after that, in 2013. Somehow, the family refuse to go away.

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