The Nankervis Series

A Rooftop View is the first in a series that is largely written around one family, but it isn't planned as a "family saga" in the strictest sense; there is no central family home, no family business holding the family members together, each one of them is a separate entity in his or her own right.  Because they are a family, the things that they do, the people they meet, and the events that take place in their lives do affect them all to some degree, and some of the same characters will reappear in each book - although not necessarily all of them every time.  In each book, too, there will be found threads that lead on to the next one, as well as the strong central strand, first spun in A Rooftop View, that binds them all together.

In the second of these stories, A Marriage of Inconvenience, the story has moved on twenty years or more, the children, Oliver and Susan, are grown up, but the influences and events that shaped their childhood are still affecting their lives.  The unfinished story of Matthew Sutton runs through this one like a fine thread, hardly seen, to reappear as a bright, defined pattern in the third, Godmother's Footsteps, which finally brings closure to some of the events that began in A Rooftop View, while at the same time starting a new chapter in the family chronicle. 

Lies & Consequences, fourth in the series, moves on to begin the story of Debbie, daughter of Dot and Jerry, but familiar faces from the first three books will reappear too, as the family history  unfolds.

The fifth, Haste to the Wedding, chronicles the uproar that attends on the preparations for the wedding of younger daughter Debbie and the problems that unexpectedly beset super-confident older sister Susan.  The Dreaded Dot, naturally, is much to the fore - while in the background, Jerry is trying to get himself back into the good graces of his ex-wife Helen, with only doubtful success. The auguries for the wedding day are far from good ...

The sixth in the series Looking for Henry tells of Susan's search for information about her late father Henry, a search triggered by a failing marriage and a need mend bridges and to find herself - someone she realises that she has never really got to know.  Her quest carries her into some very muddy waters, brings a hard decision that she must face for her children's sake, and  provides some unsuspected insights into Nankervis family relationships.
The next in the series Stormclouds plunges the family into controversy and trouble;  Susan and Tom are at loggeheads over the children, Chel and Oliver's marriage is coming apart at the seams, Debbie's private life is running out of her control, and Dot seems to be foundering with all hands.  Some unexpected influences are brought to bear on the mounting problems, but are there any definitive answers?  Read and find out!



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