cover - Things that go Bump in the Night

Things that go
Bump in the Night

It began as a murder mystery, more than twenty years old and unsolved. But as Kim and Diana were to discover, once you start digging, you’re almost bound to disinter things that other people wish to keep hidden. You can place yourself in grave danger, and in extreme instances, you could lose your own life. The phrase "where the bodies are buried" takes on a new and sinister significance.

And if you find the murderer, it doesn’t end there. How can it? When someone has killed, when someone has moved heaven and earth to cover up the deed and succeeded for so long a time, there are going to be all kinds of smaller crimes that have arisen out of the original deception. Lies may be the least of them.

Even when you think you have found the truth, is it the whole truth? Because the fact of murder has a beginning somewhere, and that beginning may be far back beyond the actual motive...


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ISBN 978-0-9554508-5-3



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