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I was a child during World War II, and took the first step on a long road when I wrote my first book at the age of about six. I wish I could say this literary work showed promise of the well-known writer I still hope to become, but no such luck! Profusely illustrated and mercifully unfinished, it was extremely boring! I like to think I grew out of boring people, but I never grew out of scribbling.

It follows that I then grew up in the un-permissive fifties, when career options for women were largely confined to Secretary, Nurse, Teacher, Physiotherapist oh, and marriage of course, top of the list for us girls (hard to imagine now). I opted for the first, light-heartedly thinking the skills required would be useful in my preferred career as a writer, but I very soon found I had to put my training to serious use in order to get myself a life! As a career, it was almost as boring as Youngest Tigger, above, and I branched out at the earliest opportunity.

I have since worked in hotel restaurants both in the dining room and later, when my first husband and I had a hotel of our own, as chef (I have always had a passion for cooking, it came in very useful!), as a sailing instructor, an unexplained interval as a bookkeeper (I am virtually innumerate the firm survived!), in a craft workshop and as a cookery demonstrator - a remarkably unstructured career - while continuing to write whenever there was a spare moment.

I have been, I now see, fortunate to have two children's books published (a long time ago), and three novels - plus the one too awful to mention.  (It lives at the back of a dark shelf - the best place for it - and the moral of that is, never try to get a romantic novel published if you wrote it at twenty-two - you just might succeed!  And no, I'm giving no details.  I'm sure the publisher meant well).   It's entirely my own fault that I dropped out. The continuing tale of the Nankervis Family, my present series (set mainly in Cornwall, but absolutely no tin mines, except possibly on the horizon!) is self-published. It is, I like to think, a way to drop back in - even if by the back door.


 Apart from writing, my interests include boats, painting - including scenery for local pantomimes - and digital photography .  I live in Cornwall with my husband, and a cat called Kitty-kitty: my three children are all out in the world and doing their own thing, one here in Cornwall, one in Dorset, but my daughter and grandson are in Brittany these days.



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